2 Mistakes Beginners do in Clash Royale

Hey again everyone! Today I’m bringing you all another post for my new players out there who have just started to venture into battle on Clash Royale and also looking for clash royale hacker. In this post I will be talking about four of the most common beginner mistakes players make in Clash Royale. We will be going over these common mistakes and learning how to avoid them. This will make you better at the game, and help you rise through the different arenas as you gain an edge over your other opponents. Let’s get into it!

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Number One: Not managing your gold properly. Managing your gold properly can be a hard thing for new players. They may not know what the best way to use it is, what cards work the best, which cards they will be using in a deck, this list can go on and on. The most important thing to remember when choosing what to spend your hard earned gold on is only upgrading cards you will use for a long time. This means saving your gold for a while and just playing with all the different cards you have available. After playing with all the cards available, you pick the best ones and put them into your deck. Once you feel comfortable playing with that deck consistently, you then can begin to spend your precious gold on upgrading your cards as much as you can. Another good thing to remember is that upgrading common cards takes less gold, and you usually use them longer than more rare cards. This is because you unlock lots of new cards going through different arenas, the concept of the basic cards stays the same while the epic and rare cards can get pretty crazy. Upgrading the common cards you are most comfortable with using in your deck is by far the best option when it comes to using your gold correctly at the beginning.

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Number two: Forcing Your Hand On Attack. Forcing an attack can be a tempting thing to do, especially when your opponent has less elixir than you do and is in a position to suffer a push from you. Forcing a push is never a good idea. The better idea is to simply continue to play defense while preserving the elixir lead. This gives you more time to think out your strategy for the push you are going to make. It also gives you more cards to choose from when you are about to push. It makes sense though, if you have defensive cards, don’t just force a push with them and end up losing the elixir advantage you’ve gained over your opponent. This tip alone can put you at a great advantage over other players in your arena.


That’s it for this part of the common beginner Clash Royale mistakes. There will be a part two coming out soon with two more common mistakes that beginners make, we will also be showing you how to prevent it! We hope you put this information to the test and use it wisely, good luck and Clash on!